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    delivered the following speech on the occasion of the martyrdom of lady Fatima alayha al salam
    ۲۷ جمادى الأولى ۱۴۴۱ 22 January 2020

    His eminence grand Ayatollah Wahid Khorasani

    delivered the following speech on the occasion of the martyrdom of lady Fatima alayha al salam

    In the name of Allah the most merciful the most beneficent
    As we are approaching the Fatemiyyah days it is our duty to explore the high position of Lady Fatima alaiha al salam.
    She is an undiscovered jewel. As Imam Sadiq mentions, She was named Fatima because ordinary creatures are not able to comprehend her reality. Understanding what the Imam is referring to is not the same as just reading his words. The expression “ creatures” is a vey broad term which encompasses every single being in this life.
    None but Allah knows her well. The one and only who created Her knows Her. She truly knows Allah too. She worshipped Allah in her Mihrab till her feet were swollen. This kind of prayer amazed even the angels.
    The origin of Her being was the light of Allah and the results were becoming a mercy for Imam Ali. At a point where the Imam was stuck between two boiling events just similar to the situation of prophet Ibrahim, Lady Fatima becomes the source of support and total mercy of Allah in order to back up her Imam.
    Whenever any prophet had gone through difficulties, they all asked for help for themselves, whereas when Lady Fatima was going through the atrocities of those who harmed her, she will call “ O, Allah, save my Shi’a “.
    Jibraeel will come with a message from Allah: Fatima, Allah has responded to all your wishes so ask for anything. She says: save my Shi’a and the followers of my Shi’a .
    In these days our duty is returning the favour as asked in the holy Quran; قل لا اسألكم عليه أجرا الا المودة في القربى
    In the same manner that the holy prophet mentioned: what upsets Fatima upsets me, we are in need of showing our condemnation and sorrow towards what befallen upon her.
    All the mourners must come out to show their sad emotions and so share with the holy prophet his sadness and make up for part of their duty towards the prophet. They need to have their names registered in the book of records held by our infallible Imams. This will multiply their rewards and save them on the day of judgement. We need to remember that She is in charge of saving her followers on the day of judgement. By doing so, we may lightly mend the pain of our twelfth Imam too. The pain of the moment that Lady Fatima was described by Imam Ali, who was exposed to a sword on his head, but he cried saying’ I wish my soul had departed with Her departure’
    To share the thoughts and feelings with our Imam, the prophet and lady Fatima we must all come out and offer full condolences and sorrow so that we see results in the hereafter, throughout the difficulties we may face in the life after.

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