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    Ghusl ul-Janabah

    Question 22 - How do women become junub ({^ a state requiring a person to perform ghusl^})?

    Answer: They become junub under two circumstances:
    1- Sexual intercourse in a way that the circumcised part or more is inserted either from the front or from behind. This will cause both the man and woman to become junub even if semen is not discharged.
    2- After excretion of female ejaculate, a ghusl is obligatory under all circumstances. It does not matter whether it happens in sleep or while awake, with lust or without it, or is deliberate or uncontrolled. If a woman experiences a liquid discharge and is unable to distinguish whether it is ejaculate or not, it would come under the rulings for female ejaculate if it is accompanied by intense sexual pleasure. A ghusl would also become obligatory for such a person.

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