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    Ahkam alWahid

    Offers the Islamic Law - Ahkam - of the Grand Ayatollah alWahid alKhorasani as rulings - fatwa -, questions - istifta - and rulings of Hajj, in addition to simplified Islamic Law guidance.


    • Arabic and Persian Support.
    • Fatwas and istiftas bboxsing according to categories.
    • Islamic Law guidance on specific subjects.
    • News, Offices Information, Photo Gallery & His Eminence Biography.
    • Text Chat with official representatives submitting questions.
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    alWahid Library

    Offers the collection of books by G. A. Wahid alKhorasani


    • Designed for Android 2.2+ supporting Arabic & Farsi.
    • Designed for iOS version 5.1+. (It's not a PDF or EPUB reader).
    • Multilingual Interface. Arabic and Farsi are available float-right now and English will be available in the future releases.
    • Download Management: books are downloaded as soon as being browsed or user can batch download them at will.
    • Book navigation through TOC.
    • View book pages in a simple and useable fashion, and navigate easily.
    • Full Text Search.

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