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    The very titles of these men who are
    the heads of the caravans of pilgrimage of Allah’s holy house
    is enough to clarify the importance of the matter.
    Qur'an consists of words and hints
    elegances and facts.
    It is a book revealed for general people.

    Umrah trip. Mecca. Ramadan 1427 AH.
    The very titles of these men who are
    the heads of the caravans of pilgrimage of Allah’s holy house
    is enough to clarify the importance of the matter.
    Qur'an consists of words and hints
    elegances and facts.
    It is a book revealed for general people.

    A speech of Grand Ayatollah Vahid Khorasani.
    Umrah trip. Mecca. Ramadan 1427 AH.
    In the name of God the beneficent the merciful.
    The very titles of these men who are
    the heads of the caravans of pilgrimage of Allah’s holy house
    is enough to clarify the importance of the matter.
    Qur'an consists of words and hints
    elegances and facts.
    It is a book revealed for general people.
    "And We have revealed the Book to you explaining clearly everything»
    Compulsorily the book which is the guidance for mankind,
    And there is no concept more general than “mankind”
    And all the human beings of all classes
    are included under the title of “mankind”.
    compulsorily, the book revealed for mankind necessarily consists of these levels:
    Terms for the common people
    Hints for the scholars
    Elegances for the deputies
    Facts for the prophets
    Then, this Hadith itself needs detailed discussion
    The intention is this that the scholars should be careful towards the hints of Quran
    The topic of Hajj is discussed in Allah’s book in such a way that
    pondering about the way of expression is amazing
    For example, about fasting:
    "Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you"
    But the expression about the Hajj is like this:
    "And pilgrimage to the House is incumbent upon mankind for the sake of Allah
    (upon) everyone who is able to undertake the journey to it "
    In continuation [it has come]: and whoever disbelieves "
    Its cause has been explained as this:
    "then surely Allah is self-sufficient, above any need of the worlds"
    This expression is not used about any of the obligations
    This is the “setting” verse related to the motif of Hajj.
    This is a verse related to the completion of Hajj.
    The motif of a thing is one matter
    and the completion of a thing is another matter
    And these are the complications of Quran
    Related to setting the motif of Hajj, the interpretation is this:
    "And pilgrimage to the House is incumbent upon mankind for the sake of Allah
    (upon) everyone who is able to undertake the journey to it "
    And then [there is] a warning that turning away from the Hajj is infidelity
    and then the cause is mentioned that " surely Allah is self-sufficient, above any need of the worlds "
    The verse about the completion of the task is:
    "And complete the Hajj and the Umrah for Allah"
    The order of the words is so precise.
    Related to setting the motif of Hajj, it has been started with the word Allah, "and for Allah"
    And in completion it is ended with “Allah”
    One must be careful. Source is Allah
    The end is “Allah”.
    "And pilgrimage to the House is incumbent upon mankind for the sake of Allah (upon) everyone who is able to undertake the journey to it "
    This is the beginning of the matter
    The termination of the matter is "And compete the Hajj and Umrah for Allah"
    The setting of the beginning with “Allah”, ending with “Allah”
    In both cases with the word “for Allah”
    However the first “Lam” is collateral “Lam”,
    The second “Lam” is the “Lam” relative to the motive for action.
    There are a lot of words about these two “Lam”.
    “And pilgrimage to the House is incumbent upon mankind for the sake of Allah " is like a pledge
    “The pledge” and “placing responsibility” and “making responsible” develops a liability aspect
    According to a precise scholarly approach, All the divine duties are debts
    But getting engaged in duties is rational
    In case of Hajj, the narrative engagement has been mentioned,
    For you upon me is like this, for me upon you is like that.
    The expression is this that “It is for Allah upon you”.
    This expression which explains the “liability”
    That also, a narrative expression has reflected a rational matter
    it is to clarify:
    This matter is the matter of engagement and involvement of mankind
    But, according to the “One who is able to do” Rule.
    Then, the warning is like this
    He equalates describes leaving Hajj as infidelity.
    The term infidelity is used in narrations and (religious) texts for leaving prayers (Salaat).
    For leaving prayers the term infidelity has been used.
    But important is this that in Quran the term infidelity has been used for leaving Hajj.
    The four saints: Mufid, Koleini, Sheikh ut-Taefa and Sheikh Saduq
    all of these four has recorded this narration
    Apart from being narrated by the four saints, the narration has an authenticity (chain of narration) value.
    A jurisprudent issues his fatwa according to this authenticity,
    Then the narrative text is like this
    One who has ability and does not go,
    He is given options at time of death
    “You have the option to die as a Jew or as a Christian.”
    This is the intensity of the matter related to Hajj.
    Compulsorily, from this type of expression in the Book and narration it becomes clear that
    How important is the duty of people who are responsible for this matter.
    Firstly, we cannot understand: Where is here!
    What type of building is this?
    What is the importance of these stones joined above each other?
    “And when Ibrahim and Ismail raised the foundations of the House
    Our Lord! accept from us; surely Thou art the Hearing, the Knowing”
    Firstly, He chose two people:
    one is “Allah’s friend”
    the other is the “slaughtered for Allah”
    After infection: “And when his Lord tried Ibrahim with certain words, he fulfilled them.”
    Such a person with such a hand,
    He made him mason for this building.
    That “slaughtered” that when he said:
    “I saw in dream that I am slaughtering you”
    These words are amazing.
    It is easy to imagine.
    Its occurrence is extremely difficult.
    "O my father, do what you are commanded
    If Allah please, you will find me of the patient ones"
    After that He tested both of them like this
    He made them responsible to build this building
    This is a house which cannot be understood and cannot be explained
    It is important that such two personalities say with such a supplication
    "O our Lord! Accept from us, surely you are the Hearing, the Knowing"
    However, the secret of this house became clear afterwards.
    You are the scholars; a hint is enough.
    Then you ponder and think; that’s enough.
    The purpose of the creation of all the existence is the awareness and the worship.
    Creation is an antecedent.
    This entire universe is a skin.
    Only the intellect is the marrow.
    The carrier of intellect is the man.
    The pillar of man is the intellect.
    This house is built. Man has become the owner of this house
    "And He has made subservient to you whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth"
    He lit the light of intellect in the brain of this house owner
    This light should be lighted with knowledge as light
    and with faith and worship as heat.
    This is the purpose of creation.
    When is the result achieved? With the “raise (Be’that)” (of Mohammad)!
    The “raise (Be’that)” should be started from the beginning’
    The perfection and the end reaches at the position “Being Last Prophet”,
    “Khatim (The Last Prophet)” is the result of creation, the fruit of existence
    He raises for this that
    He make the man to reach the ultimate destination
    which consists of knowledge and worship
    Now the important is this that
    That seed of the fruit of creation and the fruit of “Be’that”
    That seeds was planted beside this house
    The glory of this house is due to this.
    It should be understood that what is the Kaaba?
    And where is here? And what is our duty towards this building?
    "O our Lord, and make us both submissive to you
    and (raise) from our offspring a nation submitting to you
    and show us our ways of devotion"
    These statements are stupendous.
    After that he raised the foundation sincerely,
    Himself and Ismail,
    without any assistance
    because any other hand does not deserve it.
    Only there is the hands of the “friend” and that of the “slaughtered”.
    Then they both prayed
    "O our Lord, and make us both submissive to you
    and (raise) from our offspring a nation submitting to you
    and show us our ways of devotion"
    Pay good attention, do not consider the “Manasik (duties)” of Hajj simple
    Abraham said in such a place
    “and show us our ways of devotion”
    You yourself show us our duty towards the house!
    After that the seeds of fruit of existence had been sprayed, there they said:
    “O our Lord! And raise up in them an Apostle from among them
    who shall recite to them Thy communications
    And teach them the Book and the wisdom,
    and purify them; surely Thou art the Mighty, the Wise.”
    This prayer from such a caller
    from such a tired arm
    from such a sincere soul,
    it was offered during the building of this house.
    The seed of the perfection of existence was sprayed here.
    This tale is mentioned in Chapter “The Cow” ...
    Pay full attention. That what I have said that hints of Quran should be considered...
    This tale is in the chapter “The Cow”. The prayer completed
    Then go to the end of the Quran, the chapter “Friday”
    “In the name of Allah, the beneficent the merciful
    Whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth declares the glory of Allah,
    the King, the Holy, the Mighty, the Wise.”
    The matter is so important that
    Firstly: it starts with:
    “Whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth declares the glory of Allah”
    In the verse five names are mentioned:
    Allah, the King, the Holy, the Mighty, the Wise,
    The Qur'an brought this matter in two places:
    In one place, He stated:
    “ He it is Who raised among the illiterates an Apostle from among themselves,
    who recites to them His communications
    and purifies them,
    and teaches them the Book and the Wisdom”
    Elsewhere He stated:
    “Certainly Allah conferred a benefit upon the believers
    when He raised among them an Apostle from among themselves,
    reciting to them His communications and purifying them,
    and teaching them the Book and the wisdom”
    The important thing is this that: Abraham’s prayer this.
    Answer to the prayer is expressed in these two verses.
    In the chapter “Friday” with five names (and) with “He is who”.
    In another place (with) “certainly Allah conferred a benefit”.
    The result is:
    The house is a house that
    the origin of the perfection of humanity was established here
    and the end is also this.
    Now this is important. The result was:
    The seed of “Raising” of the “Last Prophet” has been spread here
    Its fruit also came into being here.
    And here, the very sun, about which He said:
    “I swear by the sun and its heat” rose,
    “ O Prophet! Surely We have sent you as a witness,
    and as a bearer of good news and as one who warns.
    And as one inviting to Allah by His permission,
    and as a light-giving torch.”
    This was the result: the Kaaba means
    it is a center that due to its blessing the motive of creation and the result of “Raising” has been achieved.
    The thing which is mind blowing is:
     Prayer of Abraham, Reply of Allah. It finished!
    But what is the ultimate motive?
    The ultimate purpose is this that this “raising” means
    this recitation of verses,
    this purification,
    this teaching of the book and wisdom,
    take over the whole earth.
    And in all level, it change from potentiality to objectivity.
    And what is that? When will it happen?
    On the time when:
    “He it is Who sent His Apostle with guidance and the religion of truth,
    that He might cause it to prevail over all religions”
    That aspect should also be started from this house.
    The Glory of the Kaaba is understood on the time when:
    it is known that the seed “Raising of the Last Prophet” had been sprayed along with these stones
    The “completion of this Raising”, which is with the “Reappearance” of the “deputy of the time”,
    should also be (fulfilled) near this house
    Elsewhere is not even worthy for this matter
    The imagination these two words itself is enough.
    What Sunni and Shia narrate unanimously, and have narrated unanimously
    and the amazing thing is this that this narrative is agreed upon
    The general narrators as well as the particular one has narrated it.
    The “deputy of the time” will come out from Kaaba [while]
    Gabriel is on his right;
    Mekaeil is on his left;
    above his head is a cloud.
    The herald calls from that cloud:
    This Mahdi is Allah’s Caliph; so obey him.
    Gabriel on the right; what's this?!
    Mekaeil on the left; what's this?!
    The honor of knowledge is Gabriel, the honest.
    The honor of provision is Mekaeil.
    The consistency of human existence is due to two things:
    From physical aspect, the material provision;
    from the spiritual aspect, knowledge and the human perfections.
    Gabriel is on his right-hand, it means
    the honor of knowledge is in his right hand.
    Mekaeil is on his left hand, it means
    the provision of the universe is in his hand.
    In this condition he will emerge from this house.
    What is the result of this talk?
    The result is this that the duty of all of you has become clear in two words.
    And those two words are
    every cleric who is responsible for a task in the caravan
    his duty is, firstly:
    to explain the glory of this house to the pilgrims.
    We, in one gathering - not in a single gathering -
    even in hundreds of gatherings cannot explain “where is here”.
    Every verse that you see, every sentence that (you see)
    "Most surely the first house appointed for mankind" there is a lot to be explained
    "and let them go round the Ancient House." Again there is a lot to be explained
    "And proclaim among the mankind the Pilgrimage" there is a story
    each of these verses has a lot of details (to be explained).
    You must represent the glory of Hajj to these people
    Hajj is an intention
    intention, is a relative concept
    it needs an intender, and an objective
    The intender are these [referring to the audience] and those
    What is the objective? It is this house.
    The objective must be known.
    The duty of every one of you is to
    explain the glory of the objective – that is Kaaba;
    also, to find the result of this intention and objective to implement it.
    What's the result? The result is this that:
    From the first [day] when the caravan starts moving,
    until its return
    the duty of each one of you is that, for those who
    are under you, explain two words:
    There are only two words - not more
    What are those two words?
    first is the One from Whom is the existence
    He is Allah
    the other is the One because of whom is the existence
    He is the “Deputy of the time”
    When we learned that for what was this house made
    and what is the origin and end of this house
    then we must understand that when a pilgrim comes to and goes back from Mecca
    he must return knowing two words:
    First, Allah as the existence is from him.
    Second, the deputy of Allah as the existence is because of him.
    Every thing is present due to the blessing of his existence.
    The Gatherings, which are formed ... You all struggle!
    If you make this program practical in each gathering
    then you your self will taste its sweetness
    I also remind you
    Allamah has two books. Allamah is a legend.
    The names of his books also have details.
    But the value of Shiite elders is unknown.
    The general narrators say about Allamah hilli:
    “He used to write while riding.
    Due to his majesty he competes with the stars.”
    In short, he was the legend of the legends.
    This man has a book named “Tabserah”.
    He wrote “Tabserah” for his followers.
    And he named it as “Tabseratul Awaam”.
    And the elders of the religion have interpreted this “Tabserah”.
    In beginning, scholars like “Mohaqqeq” are its interpreter.
    Until the recent era, scholars like “Agha Zia” (are its interpreter).
    Another book of Allamah is “Tazkerah”- “Tazkeratul Fuqha”
    He wrote this book for the jurisprudents.
    Now my speech for you is not a “comments” rather it is a “reminder”
    I should remind you – not teach you!
    There is difference between these two.
    To teach is something, and to remind is something (else)
    The things which you must remember are these what I am saying
    These are the outcome of a lifetime; however you must act (upon them)
    so that you understand its result.
    Each gathering which is founded
    Start with the “pilgrimage text” “May peace be upon the Progeny of Yaseen”
    It is not necessary to read its prayers. Read the “pilgrimage text” itself.
    This “pilgrimage text” is a great elixir.
    Because the Masoom himself said:
    Every time you want to attend Allah through our intermediation
    Say like this: “May peace be upon the Progeny of Yaseen”.
    And end your gathering with the prayer for the “Imam of the time”
    so that illumination of his light change that gathering
    It is not possible that you stand towards the sun
    while the sun may not be toward you
    If you look towards him, he will also look towards you.
    And his Illumination is an elixir that changes.
    Divide each gathering of the caravan into three sections:
    One section for training of religious laws,
    One section for edification,
    One section for consolidation of believes.
    You gatherings should consist of these three matters
    If it happened then it will be:
    fair duty
    established tradition.
    (Then) you have gathered the duty, tradition and decisive verse together.
    The decisive verse will be the strengthening of people’s believes.
    The fair duty will be the teaching of religious laws.
    The established tradition will be the edification.
    What you read for people, try that it may not be other than these two.
    Either it must be a verse from Quran or a narration from the “immaculate inmates”
    "Everything which has not come from this house is invalid"
    Try ...
    Edification and education is only possible with verses and narrations, not other than these.
    This is the format of gatherings.
    If it happens like this, then the people who are under you
    They, also with respect to belief,
    also with respect to act,
    also with respect to ethics,
    have benefited
    When the roots, trunk and branches have been corrected
    compulsorily, the fruit is achieved
    “Have you not considered how Allah sets forth a parable of a good word (bring)
    like a good tree,
    whose root is firm
    and whose branches are in heaven”
    In this way, from this Hajj, you have a trade that:
    it cannot be said that how much profit does it bear
    Ajmala only be said:
    "A profitable trade which your Lord has facilitated for you"
    Know the value of this blessing.
    Being the cleric of the pilgrimage is not a simple issue
    I cannot explain in one or two gathering
    How important is this work
    And effects does it have
    But you wise, I say two words for you
    A word from God:
    "And warn them of the Day of intense regret, when the matter shall have been decided"
    A word from the Leader of believers (Ali):
    "The repentance of the lost and the intoxication of death will gather in them"
    What is this repentance?
    The regret is this that I had an opportunity in hand
    From that opportunity, I have not taken the advantage which I should have taken
    When it will be the doomsday, everyone repents
    Those who have done something practical or scholarly, they are repenting
    Those who have not done anything are repenting
    Those who have not done anything regret that why have not they benefitted
    Those who have benefitted regret that why have they benefitted lesser
    Utilize every instant of your time.
    Teach the ways to the people that they become trained with those ways.
    There are ways to train people.
    It has problems.
    The way that I say now,
    and with Allah’s bless you yourself also act upon it
    and do not leave it from tomorrow
    Also advice it to all the pilgrims to start it from tomorrow
    Daily one part of the Qur'an, every month one complete recitation of Quran, But this way:
    The first month, this month, is Ramadan
    Perform this work. It will go from your hand!
    Then, you will be caught by a regret that has no limit.
    This is the month of Ramadan, start (now)!
    Those who have started, well! Blessed are they!
    Those who have not started, from this month,
    every day present one part of the Quran to the “Last Prophet”.
    In the second month, also, read the Quran.
    Present it to the Leader of believers
    Likewise, until the Imam of the time.
    Then again restart it from the beginning.
    Also, do it yourself.
    Also inject it to the pilgrims that
    all of them do this work.
    Then, what is its effect?
    Its effect is this that ...
    This narrative which I am going quote
    with respect to authenticity, it is such a narrative that
    the jurisprudent issue fatwa according to it
    There is a difference between a narrative which is either with no chain of narrators
    or with broken chain of narrators, or with a chain of narrators which is not authentic
    and a narrative that have a strong (authentic) chain of narrators
    And its strengths is also to an extent that a cautious jurisprudent
    that also, one like Sheikh Ansari issues fatwa according to that chain of narrators.
    Narrative is this that: the (narrator) came near the Imam (pbuh) and said:
    I have finished a few Qurans in Ramadan
    I presented it to your grandfather, your father and to yourself.
    What is my reward? What is for me in reward of this act?
    After that he asked about the reward, the Imam said:
    Your reward for this is that you will be with them.
    He was astonished. Can it be "Your reward for this is that you will be with them"!
    Your reward against this act is that you should be with them!
    Company of the Last prophet is mind blowing.
    Company of Musa ibn Ja'far amazes the mind.
    Company of Imam Reza is stupendous.
    However the mercy is a widespread mercy.
    I hope, with Allah’s will, you, yourselves, and all the pilgrims take the maximum advantage from this trip.
    There is no time, and this much is enough.
    And I pray from Allah to include us in the category of these pilgrims of this house.
    And to account us as pilgrims.
    You all return with an accepted Umrah.
    And I hope that your gathering end with (name of) Allah and the Imam of the time.
    And may this gift remain forever, for yourselves and your forefathers and your offspring.
    O Allah be for your deputy – the Argument, the son of Hasan
    May your blessing be upon him and his ancestors,
    Now and at all times
    master and protector
    and guide and helper
    and proof and guard
    until he resides peacefully on your earth
    and let him enjoy for a long time.
    O Allah! Reform every corrupt of the Muslim affairs
    O Allah, bless and grant peace upon Muhammad and his progeny
    and bless and grant peace upon all the prophets and the apostles
    And the guardians, the martyrs and the saints
    and your righteous slaves
    O Allah! forgive the believing men and women
    And Muslim men and women
    living and the dead
    O Allah! Continue between us and them with good deeds.

    Your Request Has Successfully Been Registered

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