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    on the eve of mid of Sha’ban you must recite Dua-e-Faraj.

    on the eve of mid of Sha’ban you must recite Dua-e-Faraj.
    on the eve of mid of Sha’ban you must recite Dua-e-Faraj.
    This year, on the eve of mid of Sha’ban (16-07-2011)
    at 11 p.m you must recite Dua-e-Faraj.
    Do not leave this schedule throughout the year.
    Daily recite Quran in your free time
    and present it to Imam Mahdi.
    If you do this, if you recite the highest essence i.e.
    the Holy Quran daily and present it to him
    then on twenty third night of Ramadan,
    which is the night of destiny (Laila-tul-Qadr),
    the register of your deeds will be signed by him.
    What deal will he make with you?
    Alas, the life has passed and we have not gotten the required benefit from it.
    You are young! Get benefit from your youth time.
    Do not leave daily recitation of the Quran. Gift it to the Imam.
    If you place some soil near to a flower,
    you will not observe any change in it on the first day. However, when one month is passed
    you will see that the soil will give the smell of the flower.
    Mine and yours heart is also like this.
    If you recite the Holy Quran for one day it is like the soil placed near a flower for one day. However,
    if you recite it daily for a year
    and present it to him then its reward of this gift is upon him.
    Then it is not you responsibility.
    It will become a gift from me and you to the Solomon of the time.
    At that time, due to his generosity, what deal will he make with us?
    This is the position and place and this is the way of communication with the Imam.
    You think that he is away from our eyes
    but you do not know that eyes are deprived from seeing him
    but the rays of his lights fall on all the hearts.
    He himself said:We do not forget you we do not leave your consideration.You're all under his eyes,
    try not to alienate from it.
    Offer your (daily) prayer (Salāt) on time.
    Maintain your relationship with Allah.
    Recite the Holy Quran daily and present it to him.
    By doing these two thing you will be in touch with both the Origin of the Universe (Allah) as well as his Hujjah
    and the prosperity of this world and hereafter will be your share.

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