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    Part of speech of Ayatollah Vahid Khorasani
    what is Qur`an. part 2

    what is Qur`an. part 2
    Part of speech of Ayatollah Vahid Khorasani
    what is Qur`an. part 2

    what is Qur`an. 2
    We will summarize it.
    From today, all of you act according to this programme:
    The Commander of the Faithful stated to his son Mohammad ibn al-Hanafiyah,
    "This Qur`an is the covenant of God."
    It is the covenant between God and his servants.
    A will that (comes) from a father like the Commander of the Faithful
    to a person like Mohammad ibn Hanafiyah.
    This is (something) that requires (deep contemplating) for its comprehension.
    He stated, "This book is the covenant of God.
    Try not to let any day pass
    unless you renew your covenant with God."
    His Excellency has stated the minimum (requirement).
    As for the maximum (requirement), it does not have a limit. Why?
    Because the Qur`an is the light (of guidance).
    Any verse which is added (to the daily reading of the Qur`an) becomes light upon light.
    He said, "Do not abandon (reading) at least fifty verses a day."
    Read at least fifty verses of the Qur`an.
    This sentence is enough.
    (Imagine) if someone reads fifty verses a day!
    The word of the Commander (of the Faithful) is the Commander of words.
    We never gained (complete) understanding of who `Ali ibn Abi Talib (s) was!
    (The prophet (s) has stated,) "I am the city of knowledge and `Ali is its gate"
    Such a person calculated that
    in those fifty verses are all the necessary gems.
    Origin (of creation), resurrection and hereafter, ethics and legal obligations.
    If anyone attains the grace (of God) so as to
    to read fifty verses (of the Qur`an) every day, the question still remains as to how he/she should read them.
    There is a strategy and way to reading (in order to gain the maximum benefit).
    "Do they not then reflect on the Qur`an? Or are there locks on their hearts?"
    That recitation and reading (of the Qur`an) must be accompanied with contemplation.
    If every person recites fifty verses of the Qur`an every day in this manner
    after forty days his soul will become a red (fiery) elixir.
    How unfortunate that our life passed us by and
    we did not manage to benefit from our life
    in its full potential.
    Start from today.
    Do not recite less than fifty verses. The more the better.
    However, the (important) point is this:
    Sometimes actions are (considered to be) for me (and increases our vanity).
    Such an action has no value.
    A person must not lose himself (in his ego and vanity).
    What is my value and what is so special about me?
    From head to toe I am guilty and full of shortcomings.
    This is (what we mean when we say) you have to find the (correct) way.
    Sometimes reciting the Qur`an becomes mine (and means for becoming vain).
    (On the other hand) sometimes the person makes use of his/her intellect and then, the page is turned.
    If you do this, it is only then that the page will be turned (on how your state will be).
    That Qur`an which you read to that minimum (amount of verses mentioned before)-
    in regards to the maximum (amount reading), the more the better-
    gift all of the blessings (you acquire from that reading) to the Master of our Era, the Imam of our Time.
    If you gift it to him
    the action (of reciting the Qur`an) will become more than being just for me and you.
    Its relation will return to him (the twelfth Imam).
    That is, if the action is for me
    will it then be accepted (from me) or not?
    Such an action contains a thousand deficiencies.
    However, if you read the Qur`an and
    gift it to the Imam of our Time
    no angel has the power (to deny that).
    In fact it has to ascend until it reaches the Highest Throne.
    Start this first practice from today.
    Grab the maximum (of that which you are capable of achieving).
    Try to read as much of the Qur`an as you can.
    (Then,) gift it to the Master of our Era and Time.

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