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    Part of speech of Ayatollah wahid Khorasani
    Who is Ali ibn Abi Talib (as)??

    Who is Ali ibn Abi Talib (as)??
    Part of speech of Ayatollah wahid Khorasani
    Who is Ali ibn Abi Talib (as)??

    His food every night in Aftar and Sahar was only three morsels
    Three morsels! Now think
    three morsels in Aftar and Sahar
    what were those three morsels?
    Barley bread and salt
    He was asked: O Ali why don’t you eat more than this?
    he said I have a wish and it is
    that I may meet my Lord with empty stomach
    This was his fasting, the nineteenth morning reached
    On the night before the nineteenth Ramadan he was guest of his daughter Umme Kalthum
    On that night, this daughter invited such a father
    The meal she put on table cloth was a glass of milk
    some barley bread and salt
    when he sat he said to his daughter: When have you seeN?
    When have you seen your father having two meals on table cloth
    this is the rule of Islam
    This is the Islamic ruler, this is the reality of Islam
    When she heard this she picked the salt
    He said take away the milk. Why?
    He broke his fast with barley bread and salt
    لعل بالحجاز او الیمامه
    من لاطمع له باالقرص
    For that in his entire territory
    from Hejaz to Yamamah, lest a table cloth is set
    that his (Imam's) may be more rich than that table cloth
    this is Ali the son of AbuTalib!

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