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    A speech of Grand Ayatollah Vahid Khorasani on the occasion of birth anniversary of Imam Zamaan:

    29 September 2004 ۱۳ شعبان المعظّم ۱۴۲۵ 29 September 2004


    as the begotten is the Master of time and Sahib-e-Amr,
    Today, we should pay attention to two matters:
    One to our own deficiency and other to our own failure;
    the only thing which we can express against this matter is (our) deficiency and failure.

    A speech of Grand Ayatollah Vahid Khorasani on the occasion of birth anniversary of Imam Zamaan:
    as the begotten is the Master of time and Sahib-e-Amr,
    Today, we should pay attention to two matters:
    One to our own deficiency and other to our own failure;
    the only thing which we can express against this matter is (our) deficiency and failure.

    A speech of Grand Ayatollah Vahid Khorasani on the occasion of birth anniversary of Imam Zamaan:
    Wednesday, 13/08/1425 AH 29/09/2004 AD
    In the name of Allah, The beneficent, the merciful
    Praise be to Allah, and May Allah bless our master Muhammad and his immaculate Progeny, in particular the Residue of Allah (Baqiyatollah) on Earth, and curse be to their enemies till the Day of Judgment
    The solution for Late Hairi’s objections is based on this that
    the truth of the obligatory laws and juridical dictations should be clarified
    Type, is not type of creation and existence, but
    the truth, in the dictations, is the credibility and expression, that
    due to that credibility and expression the credible are substantiated
    This issue needs to be explained. But
    as the begotten is the Master of time and Sahib-e-Amr,
    Today, we should pay attention to two matters:
    One to our own deficiency and other to our own failure;
    the only thing which we can express against this matter is (our) deficiency and failure.
    Peace be upon you, O the caliph of Allah and
    the caliph of his guiding ancestors,
    Peace be upon you, O the chosen amongst the past deputies
    Peace be upon you, O deputy of the past deputies
    Peace be upon you, O the keeper of the secrets of the Lord of the universe.
    Peace be upon you, O the reserve of Allah amongst the selected ones.
    Each of these interpretations is amazing.
    We do not consider anyone of you as jurist
    until he understands the depth of our words.
    There are depths in the words of Allah’s deputies.
    Jurist – the total jurist, is the one who can understand those elegances
    Phrases are for common people,
    And the hints present in those phrases are for the special ones of the Ummah.
    The awareness of every possessive has two ways:
    One way is to know the possessed.
    From the thing which the possessed has earned from the possession
    we understand that what position the possessive has.
    The possessed has earned this much from the possession to it.
    This is one way.
    The second way is that we consider the possessive itself.
    But as that stage is very deep
    We must begin from this side.
    In Kamal ud-Din, Saduq (May Allah rise his position)
    quoted two narrations,
    One through Abu Hamza from Imam Baqir (AS)
    The second narration through Sairufi from Imam Sadiq (AS),
    The narratives also have characteristic,
    Two narratives from Imam Baqir and Sadiq.
    In both the narratives, the narrators are these two.
    And it is narrated from the Last Prophet .
    The theme of both the narrative is the same
    This happens less.
    The theme of the narratives is that the Prophet said: Tooba ...
    The word "Tooba" is not mentioned everywhere in the words of the deputies of Allah.
    (It is mentioned) only in cases where the issue is very important.
    There it is said "Tooba" ...
    We also cannot understand it well that what is the Last Prophet?
    And he does not talk out of his wish,
    It is not but the revealed revelation;
    The “position” where: Then he drew near, then he bowed,
    so he was the measure of two bows or closer still
    When he speaks, his each single word is a sea, has an inside
    The interpretation is that:
    Blessed is one who perceives the “Qaim” in his absence.
    His perception in his absence has a meaning.
    His perception in his presence has a meaning.
    This thing is for anyone who perceives him in his absence.
    Two conditions are also mentioned:
    In the narration of Imam Baqir: “follow him”;
    in the narrative of Imam Sadiq: “follow him; if he perceives him, follow him
    This is the first word; the second word is that:
    consider his friends, friends
    consider his enemies, enemies
    This is the extent of the content.
    Now what does this possession do?
    To what extent this possession is?
    One perception in the absence, this is general;
    The thing that specifies the one who perceives in absence is:
    One the relationship of submission
    This course is related to the operation
    One course is related to the heart
    The course which is related to the operation, is the submission
    The course which is related to the heart,
    is to consider his friends friend and his enemies enemy.
    To the same extent that this possession is achieved, what happens?
    The thing which is amazing and you may ponder well about it and
    to whatever extent you think is less, is these two sentences:
    the one who is the elite of the universe,
    Since the beginning of the creation, neither in the property
    nor in the kingdom, nor amongst the unseen, nor amongst the witnesses
    no one alike him has come, nor shall come,
    It has ended to him, the register has been sealed by him,
    The meaning of this termination is this that ending point of existence is in an ascending position,
    and the starting point is in a descending position,
    And this is the first which does not have the second.
    There is only one person whose relationship to him is like the relationship of moon to sun,
    And he is “I swear by the son and its heat”
    And Ali, the son of Abu Talib is “And the moon when it follows it”
    The matter is of this quality;
    That time interpretation of such a person is like this,
    The narration which is narrated by two Imams, one is the revealer (Baqir) of the sciences of prophets
    The other is the “truthful (Sadiq)” amongst the inmate,
    And it is narrated from the Last Prophet;
    What is the effect?
    If the very possession is found: the perception in the absence,
    submission to him,
    friendship with his friends,
    enmity with his enemies,
    He said: Such people are my friends!
    Then, above this cannot be supposed
    The person about who no prophet can say “I am his friend”
    Says about these people: “Such people are my friends”
    Salman Farsi, who reached to that position is still just one of my companions
    But he reaches to a place Gabriel’s glory is lame;
    “My friends”!
    Friendship is the ultimate word to express kindness!
    Here is the place where a wise and a jurist should think, that
    who is that possessive that
    Possession to him, results in the friendship of the “total wisdom”?
    What is his position that his servant becomes the friend of the Last Prophet?
    Unfortunately the life has passed and we did not understand that who was he, and
    what he had, and how could have we gained the benefit from him, that we have not gained!
    Then, the second sentence is:
    On doomsday, he will be the most respected before me amongst my Ummah!
    From when did the circle of Ummah starts?
    From the time when he said:
    Say: “There is no god but Allah.”
    When will be the end of this Ummah?
    At time of “bloating of the trumpet” (Judgment Day);
    As this Ummah, is the lasting Ummah, according to the text of “Muslim”,
    They (two) will not depart from each other until they reach to me on the “Kawther Spring”;
    That time the Ummah about which it is said “You are the best of the nations, raised for (the benefit of) mankind ”
    This is the text of Quran: “You are the best of the nations, raised for (the benefit of) mankind ”;
    What a position it is!
    The position that this Ummah has ... “that you may be the bearer of witness to the people and
    (that) the Prophet may be a bearer of witness to you”
    This Ummah is the bearer of witness to the general humanity;
    Then, the interpretation of the Last Prophet is:
    Those who are present in the age of his absence and are like this
    “On doomsday, they will be the most respectful to me amongst my Ummah”;
    On the day of judgment, they are from the most respectful class of my Ummah
    Not the companions of the leader of believers (Ali), not the companions of Imam Hassan,
    Not the companions of anyone. This virtue is important.
    Here should be explored that:
    What characteristic does he have, that this possession changes like this?!
    The person whom he perceives in the absence is not mentioned
    The thing which has changed is an elixir which has encountered with this,
    As a result of this contact with this elixir, it has changed into an Arcanum that
    has got an ability to cross all the celestial levels;
    and cross all the of pillars of the throne;
    cross all the covers;
    cross the seventy thousand perpendiculars of the throne;
    and reach to a place where he achieve the fellowship of the “Seal of the prophets”.
    It is a strange opportunity, if we understand and avail this opportunity.
    Still, this is the general possession.
    There is a specific possession, what is that possession?
    That possession is related to three hundred and thirteen persons.
    This possession has generality,
    this possession is the expression of “Rehmani” mercy
    that possession is the expression of “Raheemi” mercy
    There is no time to discuss that possession in this gathering.
    But who is the possessive himself. That (is) the possessed, but the possessive!
    You think, see, what was before Moses?
    What was before Jesus?
    When Abraham fell in the fire, what was before him?
    When Noah got on the ship, what was before him?
    Thinking over each of these is awesome.
    The thing that was before Jesus was eight words.
    With these words the blind was healed.
    With these words the dead was revived.
    With these words it was blown into the bird.
    With these words the change of the natures came into being.
    All these words are before “Al-Hujjah”, the son of Hassan, all of these words.
    Those nine signs which were before Moses, that
    when one sign appeared:
    “They deceived the people’s eyes and frightened them, and they produced a mighty enchantment”
    All of the nine signs are near Sahib uz-Zaman.
    One stem is Moses, Jesus, and this is important.
    And the thing which was before Abraham, when he fell in fire, is present before him.
    The one, before whom all the essences of the universe are present,
    is it possible to describe him?
    Can it be said: Who is he? What is he?
    Now, the few words that I said before to understand them well. ... Not only the term!
    You people are the cream of the scholars of Qom,
    Content that is induced to you, on my behalf is to induce,
    but it is on your behalf to think over them for ten nights, and to discover the content.
    In caliphate, the thing which is present in the one who is being acceded
    (at least) its lesser extent should be present in the Caliph,
    This is the concept of the caliphate
    When you have carefully considered this point, then see the words:
    “Peace be upon you, O the caliph of Allah”, this is one
    “And the caliph of his guiding ancestors” ...
    What is the meaning of these two sentences?
    Caliph of Allah means that the “good names” of God ...
    "Good names" of God are thousand names,
    Everyone of you have taken lessons,
    “Allah” is the aggregate of all the "good names" of God.
    The one who is referred to as "Allah’s Caliph”
    He should embody all be the "good names" of Allah
    Otherwise it is impossible to be “Allah’s Caliph”.
    The result is that:
    It’s the Imam of time or “Rehmani” mercy?
    It’s the Imam of time or “Raheemi” mercy?
    It’s the Imam of time or the wisdom of the “absolute wise”?
    It’s the Imam of time or the highness of “the most high, the great”?
    It’s the Imam of time or the position of praise of the “glorious praised”?
    All these secrets of the “names” are reflected from him.
    “And the caliph of his guiding ancestors” ... he has all that what his guiding ancestors had.
    Have you ever thought over this point
    All of them are “guiding (Mahdi)” but it is he who is recognized as “Mahdi”.
    All of them are “guiding”, but despite that all of them are in fact “Mahdi”
    But the name “Mahdi” is for him!
    And the secret of this matter is this, it is in this sentence:
    “Peace be upon you, O the caliph of his guiding ancestors”
    All the Mahdis (the guiding ones) of the universe, have been collected in him!
    Then, we should finish the topic on the same tradition:
    When he will reappear ...
    First, all the privileges which have been substantiated for him and are among the wonders of the world
    All prejudiced general narrators, with all the precision of the general specialists of Hadith
    being used for weakening of traditions related to the “Inmates”
    They had spent all of their skills to damage this traditions
    And they had not been capable to find the least damage in the narrators’ chain of this traditions.
    Then, the tradition is this:
    When he will reappear, everywhere a white cloud is above his head
    The cloud is not isolated from him,
    now what is that cloud which will always be above his head.
    First, it is in whose hand? Is in whose hand? Indeed, it is amazing!
    He will put his hand on head of any person,
    with just putting his hand, immediately three effects will appear:
    The first effect is that the wisdom of that person will become forty times,
    so, what's in this hand?
    To where is this hand connected?
    This is the first effect.
    The second effect is that
    on whose ever head, he will put his hand, his heart will become like iron.
    What is the third effect?
    On whose ever head, he will put his hand, the malice and jealousy will go away from his heart;
    Pay full attention to the meaning of this Hadith?
    For what had all the prophets come?
    They came to enhance the human wisdom,
    to refine the souls to praised characteristics,
    Afterward they strengthen the hearts with believe.
    The work that 124 thousand prophets should do over time,
    He does it only by putting hand over heads!
    He also makes the wisdom to reach this stage
    He also strengthens to the heart,
    He also purifies the souls.
    In short, when you will recognize the Imam of the time
    understand this sentence from this authentic hadith that:
    The intention of the Lord in the destiny of matters has come to you
    and is issued from your homes ...
    What is the Hadith? That Hadith is this that:
    Cloud goes over his head, Gabriel will also call,
    and Gabriel becomes a messenger!
    What is the message of Gabriel?
    “That is the Caliph of Allah, follow him!”
    He will leans to the wall of Kaaba,
    will introduce himself
    It is a four sentences introduction,
    I will say it briefly, but you should think about it for a month:
    the first sentence that he will says is:
    I am the residue of Allah from Adam, this is the first;
    I am the stock from Noah, and this is the second;
    I am the chosen from Ibrahim;
    The fourth is this that I am the chosen from Mohammed.
    We will discuss the last sentence:
    Mustafa (the chosen) from the entire universe, is only the last prophet,
    Universe and people are screened
    An essence came out of this screen
    And that essence is Mustafa.
    The only one who says this is he
    He is who will tell that from the entire universe Ahmed is the chosen
    and then I am the chosen from Mohammad.

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