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    For concentration in prayers:

    For concentration in prayers:

    Question : What should we do to stay attentive towards God and prevent getting distracted while praying?

    Answer4: Few of the things which are recommended to preserve concentration in prayers are:

    First: Perform ablution with concentration and presence of heart. It is reported from Imam Reza (A.S) that ablution causes purification and cleansing of the heart (Wasail Al-Shia’ 1/367 Chapters of Ablution, Chapter number 1 Tradition number 9)

    Second: Ponder over the greatness of Salaat and the traditions reported about it.

    Third: Pray like someone who will not have another opportunity to pray and is bidding it farewell. ((مجالس صدوق و ثواب الاعمال عن ابن‌ ابی‌یعفور قال «قال ابوعبدالله الصادق7 اذا صلّیت صلاة فریضة فصلّها لوقتها صلاة مودّع یخاف ان لا یعود الیها ابدا»)).....

    Fourth: When facing the Qiblah, one must try to forget and empty his heart of the world, whatever is in it, the creatures and everything they are busy with.

    Fifth: Attention should be paid to Prayer's meanings and it should be offered with calmness and tranquility.

    Sixth: One must know that since the moment he enters into prayers, till the time he finishes it, he faces God, while He watches him .And an angel stands above him him, and says: “O’ the one offering prayers! If you had known who is watching you and whom you are imploring, you would have never turned away from Him, and would have never left your place.

    (کافی عن ابی‌جعفر7 قال: «قال رسول‌الله (ص) اذا قام العبد المؤمن فی صلاته نظر الله عزوجل الیه (اقبل الله الیه) حتی ینصرف ... و وکّل الله به ملکاً قائماً علی رأسه یقول له ایها المصلی لو تعلم من ینظر الیک و من تناجی ما التفتّ و لازلت من موضعک ابداً» وسائل الشیعه ابواب اعداد فرائض باب 8 حدیث 5 از کافی)

    Seventh: One must know that during prayers, divine mercy casts its shadow above his head and it extends to the edges of the skies and divine angels surround him.

    Eighth: Do not perform acts which are makrooh in Namaz rather perform acts which increase its virtue (Or superiority) such as wearing an agate (aqeeq) ring, putting on neat clothes and scent, brushing tooth and combing hair.

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