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    For solving marriage related matters:

    For solving marriage related matters:

    Question : What do you suggest should be done to solve marriage related issues?

    Answer: Two Raka't Namaz be offered like Morning Prayer followed by Tasbeeh of Hazrat-e-Zahra's (A.S). It is better going into prostration and invoking Salawaat upon the prophet 14 times, then the following be said 100 times; (اللهم خِرلِی و اختَرلِی) , then Salawaat be said again 14 times. God willing this Namaz and the supplication after it be repeated in different days till God solves the marriage-related issue.
    Similarly, Namaz-e-Istighaasa to Hazrat Fatima be offered and its method as mentioned in Mafaatih is as follows: Two Raka't be offered. After Namaz's Salam, 3 Takbeers be said followed by Tasbeehaat of Hazrat-e-Zahra (A.S) after which (یا مولاتی یا فاطمة اغیثینی) be recited during prostration, then right cheek be placed upon the floor and again (یا مولاتی یا فاطمة اغیثینی) be said 100 times. Next, again the said Dua be recited 100 times while prostrating, After which left cheek be placed upon the floor and the same Dua be said 100 times, then a Sajdah (Prostration) be performed once more and the same be said 110 times, then the wish be made.

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