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    16. Kurr water is the amount of water which fills a container whose length, width and depth are three hand spans each.

    17. If ayn al-najÁsah like urine or blood, or anything which has become najis , like a najis cloth, falls in kurr water and if the smell, colour or taste of the water changes owing to the najis object, it becomes najis; but if it does not, then it does not become najis.

    18. If the smell, colour or taste of kurr water changes owing to something which is not najis, it does not become najis.

    19. If an ayn al-najÁsah like blood contacts water which is more than kurr and changes the smell, colour or taste of a portion of it, and the unchanged part is less than kurr, the entire water becomes najis. However if the unchanged part is equivalent to kurr or more, then only that portion which has changed will be najis.

    20. If the water of a fountain is connected to kurr, it will make najis water ÔÁhir ({^Pure^}). However if it falls on the najis water drop by drop, it will not make it ÔÁhir unless something is placed over the fountain, so that before the drops are formed it connects directly to the najis water. In fact, based on recommended precaution the water of the fountain should be mixed ({^One should not suffice with mere contact between the two waters.^}) with the najis water.

    21. If a najis object is washed under a tap which is connected to kurr, and if water which flows from that object remains connected to a source which is not less than kurr, and its smell, colour or taste has not changed owing to najÁsah, then it will be ÔÁhir.

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    22. If a part of kurr water freezes to ice, leaving a quantity which is not equal to kurr, and the liquid water comes in contact with najÁsah, it will become najis. Any amount of water which melts thereafter from the ice will also become najis.

    23. If the quantity of water was equal to kurr and later on someone doubts whether it has decreased to less than kurr or not, it will be treated as kurr water. That is, it will make a najis object ÔÁhir, and will not become najis if najÁsah comes in contact with it. If the quantity of water was less than kurr and one suspects that it may have become equal to kurr, it will be treated as less than kurr water.

    24. There are a few ways of establishing a volume of water to be equal to kurr:
    a. A person attains certainty or satisfaction himself;
    b. Two men who are just testify to it;
    c. One trustworthy individual testifies to it, provided that there is no reasonable doubt that his word is inaccurate;
    d. Based on the statement of one who possesses the water, provided he is not accused of being a liar.

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