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    2663. A few acts are recommended whilst slaughtering an animal:
    1. Whilst slaughtering an animal, both its hands and one of its legs should be tied together. The other leg should be left free. As for a cow, all its hands and legs should be tied, but its tail should be left free. Whilst killing a sitting camel, its hands should be tied together from the end of the hands to the knees or to the area below the armpits. Its legs should be left free. It is recommended that a chicken be let free after severing its head so that it may flap its plumage.
    2. The person slaughtering the animal should face the qiblah.
    3. Before slaughtering the animal, water should be placed in front of it.
    4. They should slaughter the animal in a manner that would minimize its suffering. For example, the knife should be well sharpened, and it should be slaughtered swiftly.

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