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    617. The following things are recommended while offering the prayer for the dead:
    1. The person offering the prayer should have performed wuÃÙ, ghusl or tayammum. The obligatory precaution is that he should only perform tayammum in the event that performing wuÃÙ or ghusl is not possible, or if he fears that by performing wudhu or ghusl he will not be able to attend the prayer.
    2. If the deceased is a man, the Imam of the congregation, or the one offering the prayer individually, should stand at the center of the body’s height. If the deceased is a woman, he should stand in front of the body’s chest.
    3. He should offer the prayer bare-footed.
    4. When pronouncing the takbÐrs he should raise his hands.
    5. The distance between him and the body should be so short, that if the wind were to blow, his clothes would touch the body.
    6. The prayer should be offered in congregation.
    7. The Imam of the congregation should pronounce the takbÐrs and the recitations loudly, whilst those reciting with him should pronounce it softly.
    8. In congregational prayer, the person praying with the Imam should stand behind him, even if he is alone.
    9. The person offering the prayer should supplicate abundantly for the deceased and for all the believers.
    10. The prayer should be offered at a location that people frequent for offering prayers on the dead.
    11. If a woman in the state of Îayà offers the prayers in congregation, she should stand alone in a separate row.

    618. It is reprehensible (makrÙh) to offer the prayer for the dead in a mosque, except for masjid al-ÎarÁm, wherein it is not reprehensible.

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