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    212. If a kÁfir testifies to the oneness of Allah—be it in any language—and the prophethood of the seal of the prophets (Peace be upon him and his progeny), he becomes a Muslim. Therefore, if he was previously considered to be najis, upon becoming a Muslim, his body, saliva, nasal mucus, and perspiration are all ÔÁhir. However, if an ayn al-najÁsah was on his body the instance that he became a Muslim, he should remove it and wash the area. In fact, even if the ayn al-najÁsah was removed prior to his becoming a Muslim, the obligatory precaution is that he should wash the affected area.

    213. If his clothes which were wet, came in contact with his body while he was a kÁfir, and he was not wearing them at the moment that he became a Muslim, they will be najis. In fact, even if he was wearing them, based on obligatory precaution he should refrain from them.

    214. If a kÁfir pronounces the shahÁdatayn, and a person does not know if he has accepted Islam in his heart on not, he will be ÔÁhir. The same will apply if he knows that the kÁfir has not accepted Islam in his heart, but does not do anything that is contradictory to his apparent declaration of the shahÁdatayn.

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