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    The Conditions for the Property Being Rented
    2212. The property being rented must fulfill the following conditions:
    1. It should be specified. Hence, if a person says, “I have rented out one of my houses to you,” it will not be valid.
    2. The renter should see it, or the one renting out the property should describe its specifications in a manner that it becomes completely defined.
    3. It should be deliverable. Hence, renting out a runaway horse is nugatory, unless the renter is capable of rounding it up.
    4. The property should not be such that using it causes it to perish and get destroyed. Therefore, renting out bread, fruits or other consumable items, which cannot be used without causing them to perish, is not valid.
    5. It should be possible to make use of the property that is being offered on rent. Therefore, renting out a land for the purpose of farming, given that rainwater does not suffice for that task, nor can the land be watered from any other sources, is not valid.
    6. The property being rented should be owned by the lessor. If he rents out the property of another person, it will only be sanctioned if the owner permits it.

    2213. There is no harm in renting out a tree for the purpose of benefiting from its fruits, even if it may not currently be bearing any fruits. The same applies to renting out an animal for its milk.

    2214. A woman can be hired for the purpose of wet-nursing, and it is not necessary for her to seek her husband’s consent. However, if the act of nursing infringes on his rights, she cannot be hired without the consent of her husband.

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