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    1757. It is recommended for certain individuals to refrain from committing the acts which invalidate a fast, even though they are not fasting on that day. These are:
    1. A traveler who commits an act which invalidates his fast while he is traveling, and then returns to his hometown before zuhr, or a place where he intends to reside for ten days.
    2. A traveler who returns to his hometown after zuhr, or to a place where he intends to reside for ten days.
    3. A patient who recovers from his illness after zuhr. The same applies to one who recovers before zuhr, but has already committed an act which invalidates his fast.
    4. A woman who becomes purified from the blood of Îayà or nifÁs during the day.

    1758. It is recommended for a person who is fasting, to offer his maghrib and ‘ishÁ’‘ prayers before breaking his fast. However, if somebody is waiting for him, or if he has a deep craving for food, to the extent that he cannot concentrate in his prayer, then it is better that he first break his fast. He should however offer the prayer in its prime time as much as is possible.

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