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    There are eleven obligatory components in prayer:
    1. Intention
    2. QiyÁm (standing)
    3. TakbÐrat al-iÎrÁm
    4. RukÙ‘
    5. SujÙd
    6. QirÁ’ah
    7. Dhikr
    8. Tashahhud
    9. SalÁm
    10. Sequence (tartÐb)
    11. Succession (muwÁlÁt) between the components of prayer

    951. Some of the obligatory components of prayer are its pillars and some are not. If a person omits the pillars deliberately or accidentally, his prayer is deemed invalid. However, if he accidentally omits those which are not its pillars, his prayer shall not be deemed invalid.
    The pillars of prayer are five. They include the intention, takbÐrat al-iÎrÁm, the qiyÁm that is conjoined with rukÙ, i.e. standing before going to rukÙ, rukÙ‘ and two sujÙd for every rak‘ah.
    If any of the components are deliberately performed in excess of the prescribed limit, the prayer will be deemed absolutely invalid. However, if an excusable ignorant person deliberately recites takbÐrat al-iÎrÁm in excess, then to claim that his prayer is invalid is problematic. If he accidentally performs an extra rukÙ‘ or two sujÙd in one rak‘ah, his prayer is invalid. Otherwise it is not.

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