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    2592. The divorce of a wife who has an aversion to her husband and there is a fear that she may not fulfill her husband’s obligatory rights, and may commit a forbidden act, and therefore gifts her mahr or some other property to him so that he divorces her is known as a khul‘ divorce.

    2593. If the husband himself wishes to pronounce the formal expression of a khul‘ divorce, then if—for example—the name of his wife is F¡§imah, then he may pronounce after the property has been gifted:
    زَوْجَتِي فاطِمَةُ ، خَلَعْتُها عَلى ما بَذَلَتْ
    I have divorced my wife F¡§imah in return for what she has gifted to me.
    Recommended precaution dictates that after pronouncing the statement that comprises the khul‘, he should also state:
    هِيَ طالِقٌ
    She is a divorcee.
    In the case that the wife is specified, it is not necessary to mention her name.

    2594. If the wife deputizes someone to gift her mahr to her husband, and the husband deputizes the same person to divorce his wife, then if for example the name of the husband is Muhammad and the wife is F¡§imah, then the deputy should pronounce the formal expression of the divorce in the following manner:
    عَنْ مُوَكِّلَتِي فاطِمَةَ بَذَلْتُ مَهْرَها لِمُوكِّلِي مُحَمَّد لِيَخْلَعَها عَلَيْهِ
    Thereafter, based on precaution, the deputy should pronounce the following statement without disturbing the consecutiveness in the common sense:
    زَوْجَةُ مُوَكِّلِي خَلَعْتُها عَلى ما بَذَلَتْ
    If the wife deputizes someone to gift something other than her mahr to her husband so that he divorces her, then instead of saying “مَهْرَها”, the deputy should mention that property. For example, if it is 100 dollars, he should state:
    بَذَلْتُ مِائَةَ دلار

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