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    2586. An irrevocable divorce is one wherein the husband does not reserve the right to return to his wife after the divorce, or in other words be married to her without a new marriage contract. These are of five types:
    a. the divorce of a girl who has not completed nine lunar years.
    b. the divorce of a woman who is a y¡’isah.
    c. the divorce of a woman whose marriage has not been consummated by her husband.
    d. the third divorce of a woman who has been divorced three times.
    e. the divorce of khul‘ and mub¡r¡t.
    The precepts of these types will be elaborated later. Besides these five, all other divorces are revocable, in the sense that as long as the wife is in her period of ‘iddah, her husband can return to her.

    2587. A person who has granted a revocable divorce to his wife is prohibited from expelling his wife from the house in which she resided during the divorce. However, in certain cases, such as foul-mouthedness and adultery, there is no problem in expelling her from the house. In addition, it is prohibited for the wife to leave the house without the consent of her husband for a non-essential task.

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