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    1580. Committing any one of the following nine acts will invalidate a fast, albeit in some cases it is dictated by obligatory precaution:
    1. Eating and drinking
    2. Engaging in sexual intercourse
    3. Masturbation, wherein a person stimulates himself or is stimulated by another person, through an act other than intercourse, causing semen to be ejaculated
    4. Ascribing lies to God, the prophet (Peace be upon him and his progeny) or the Infallible Imams (Peace be upon them all)
    5. Causing dust to reach the throat, based on obligatory precaution
    6. Immersing the entire head under water
    7. Remaining in the state of janÁbah, Îayà or nifÁs until the adhÁn of fajr
    8. Getting a liquid enema
    9. Vomiting
    The precepts related to these acts will be elaborated in the subsequent articles.

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