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    902. Praying in the mosque has been highly advocated in the sharia. The best mosques where prayer may be offered in order of value are:
    1. Masjid al-ÍarÁm
    2. Masjid al-NabÐ
    3. Masjid al-KufÁ
    4. The Bayt al-Muqaddas mosque
    5. The central (Jami’) mosque of every city
    6. The local mosque
    7. The mosque of a bazaar

    903. It is better for a woman to pray in the house; rather, in the most hidden area of the house.

    904. Praying in the shrines of the Imams (Peace be upon them all) is recommended. In fact, it is understood from certain narrations that praying in the shrine of Amir al-Mu’menin and Imam Íusayn (Peace be upon them) is better than praying in a mosque.

    905. It is recommended to frequent a mosque and to attend a mosque where nobody prays. It is makrÙh for the neighbour of a mosque to pray in an area other than the mosque without a legitimate excuse.

    906. It is recommended that one abstains from sharing a meal with one who does not attend the mosque. Similarly it is recommended to abstain from taking counsel from him, becoming his neighbour, marrying the women in his family or giving a woman in marriage to him.

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