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    1596. If a person who is fasting engages in masturbation—meaning that he engages in an act other than intercourse which causes semen to be emitted from him—his fast will be rendered invalid.

    1597. If semen is emitted from a person non-volitionally, his fast in not invalidated.

    1598. If a person who is fasting knows that should he sleep, he will experience a nocturnal ejaculation, it is permitted for him to sleep. In the event that he does ejaculate, his fast will not become void. The recommended precaution is that he should avoid going to sleep, especially in the case wherein the lack of sleep will not cause him any hardship.

    1599. If a person who is fasting wakes up when ejaculation is taking place, he does not have to stop it.

    1600. If a person who is fasting experiences a nocturnal ejaculation, he is permitted to urinate and perform istibrÁ‘, even if he knows that by doing so the semen that has remained within urethra may be emitted as well.

    1601. If a person who is fasting experiences a nocturnal ejaculation, and knows that some seminal fluid has remained within the urethra, which will be emitted after he performs ghusl if he does not urinate prior to performing ghusl, then obligatory precaution will dictate that he urinate prior to performing ghusl..

    1602. If a person who knows that intentionally causing semen to be ejaculated invalidates one’s fast, proceeds to—for example—engage in foreplay with his wife with the intention of ejaculating, his fast will be invalidated even if he does not eventually ejaculate. He will have to fast its qaÃÁ, and based on obligatory precaution he should refrain from committing all the acts which invalidate a fast for the rest of the day.

    1603. If a person who is fasting engages—for example—in foreplay with his wife, without the intention of ejaculating, his fast will be in order even if he accidentally ejaculates, as long as he was initially confident that he would not ejaculate. However, if he was not confident of it, and incidentally ejaculates, his fast will be rendered void.

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