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    The Precepts of Buying and Selling
    2079. It behooves every businessman to learn the precepts that pertain to buying and selling. In fact, in the cases where he has certainty or satisfaction—be it in a specific or general manner—owing to his ignorance of the precepts, he will be exposing himself to abandoning an obligation or committing a prohibited act; it is necessary for him, therefore, to learn the precepts that pertain to that case.
    It has been narrated from Imam al-¥¡diq (as), “One who wishes to engage in business should be educated in his religion, so that he is aware of what is permissible for him and what is prohibited. One who engages in business while being uneducated in his religion, is afflicted with dubious transactions.”

    2080. If a person cannot determine whether a transaction is valid or void owing to his ignorance of its rulings, he may not sanction the transaction, nor make use of the property that he acquired from the transaction.

    2081. A person who does not possess any property, whilst certain expenses are obligatory on him, such as caring for his wife and children, must earn his living. It is also recommended to earn for the purpose of being able to perform recommended works, such as providing a better means of livelihood for one’s family and helping the poor.

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