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    97. The blood of human beings, and of animals whose blood gushes forth when its vein is cut, is najis. Therefore, the blood of an animal or insect whose blood does not gush forth, like fish and mosquitoes, is ÔÁhir.

    98. If an animal, whose meat is halal, is slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law, and a normal amount of blood is released, then the blood that has remained inside the body will be ÔÁhir. However, if the blood returns into the animal’s body, either caused by placing the animal’s head in an elevated position or caused by its breathing, then that blood will be najis.

    99. The blood found in an egg yolk is forbidden to consume, and based on obligatory precaution it will be treated as najis.

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    100. The blood which is sometimes seen while milking an animal, is najis, and makes the milk najis as well.

    101. If the blood that is discharged from the mouth, like blood from the gums, vanishes as it gets mixed with the saliva, then there is no need to avoid the saliva. However, if it does not vanish, and the saliva comes out of the mouth, it is necessary to avoid it.

    102. If the blood which dries under the nail or skin on account of being battered, can no longer be called blood, it is ÔÁhir. However, if it can be called blood, it is najis. Therefore, if the skin tears or peels off, and an object comes in contact with the blood, it will become najis. In this case, if drawing the blood from the area or making the area ÔÁhir for the purpose of wuÃÙ or ghusl entails hardship, the person must perform tayammum instead.

    103. If a person cannot discern whether blood has dried under his skin, or whether it is the flesh that has taken on similar characteristics as a result of being battered, it will be considered ÔÁhir.

    104. Even a small particle of blood falling in food, while it is being boiled, will make the entire food together with its container najis, and boiling, heat, or fire does not make it ÔÁhir.

    105. The pus that forms around a wound while it is healing is ÔÁhir, as long as it is not known to have mixed with blood.

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