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    2898. It is not permissible to inseminate a woman with the sperm from a stranger, regardless of whether the act of insemination is carried out by a stranger or the husband of the woman. Although the act of insemination in such a case is forbidden, it does not amount to adultery. In the event that a woman who is artificially inseminated becomes pregnant, the child she bears is the son of the sperm donor. As such, all the rules of children will apply to him. Similarly, the mother who bears a child from artificial insemination also becomes the mother of the child, and all the rules of children apply to her as well.

    2899. It is permissible to acquire sperm from a man and to grow it in an artificial womb with the intention of conceiving a child, unless it is contingent on performing a forbidden act, in which case, performing the act is forbidden.
    In the event that a child is conceived in this manner, and the ovum of a woman is not used in the process, then the child will belong to the sperm donor and the precepts of father and son will be applicable between the two. However, he will not have a mother. In the event that the ovum of a woman is also used, that woman will be his mother.

    2900. It is permissible for a husband to artificially inseminate his wife with his own sperm. If it is carried out by someone other than the husband, then in the event that is entails a forbidden act, then it will be forbidden to perform that act. A child that is born through the process of artificial insemination is subject to the rules of a child.

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