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    The Sale of Gold and Silver for Gold and Silver
    2147. If gold is sold for gold, or silver for silver, be they minted or not, in the event that the weight of one is more than the weight of the other, the transaction will be forbidden and invalid.

    2148. If gold is sold for silver, or silver for gold, the transaction is valid, and it is not necessary for their weight to be the same.

    2149. If gold or silver is sold for gold or silver, the buyer and the seller must give the commodity and its exchange to each other before they depart from each other’s presence. If they fail to give any part of the items that were transacted, the transaction will be void.

    2150. If the buyer or seller hands over all of what he agreed to give in the transaction, whilst the other party only hands over a part of what he agreed to give, and they depart from each other’s presence, the transaction will be in order with respect to the amount that was handed over. However, the party that did not receive the entire property from the transaction reserves the right to cancel it.

    2151. If gold ore from a mine is sold for pure gold, or silver ore is sold for pure silver, the transaction will be invalid, unless it is known that the weight of gold or silver in the ore is equivalent to the weight of the pure gold or silver. However, there is no problem in selling ores of gold for silver, or ores of silver for gold.

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