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    681. Whenever a person fears that should he use water for wuÃÙ or ghusl, he will be afflicted with one of the problems listed below, he should perform tayammum instead:
    1. He may immediately or eventually suffer from a thirst that would result in his own death or illness, or bearing the thirst may entail hardship for him.
    2. The people whom he is obligated to protect may die or become ill due to thirst.
    3. If he fears for the people or animals whose loss, illness or restlessness may cause him hardship, or if the loss of the animal would inflict a significant loss—in accordance to his status—on him.

    682. If a person, in addition to having ÔÁhir water for performing wuÃÙ or ghusl, also possesses najis water which is sufficient for drinking for himself and those associated to him, and they know it to be najis, and abhor drinking najis water, he should set the ÔÁhir water aside for drinking, and offer his prayer with tayammum. However, if the water is meant for a child or an animal, he should give the najis water to them, and perform wuÃÙ or ghusl with the ÔÁhir water.

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