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    1488. Obligatory precaution dictates that if the follower is one male, he should stand to the right of the imam, and if there is a male and one or more females, the male should stand to the right of the imam, with the females standing behind the imam. In the event that there is more than one male, and one or more females, the males should stand behind the imam, whereas the females should stand behind the males. If there are one or more females in congregation, they should stand behind the imam. If there is only one female, it is recommended that she stand behind the imam to his right in a manner that her place of sujÙd should be parallel to the knees or the feet of the imam.

    1489. If both the imam and the follower are females, obligatory precaution dictates that they should stand adjacent to one another in a same line, and the imam should not stand ahead of the followers.

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