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    1490. It is recommended that the imam stand at the center of the row, and that people of knowledge, excellence and piety stand in the first row.

    1491. It is recommended that the rows of congregational prayer be orderly. There should not be a gap between the people standing in one row. Their shoulders should be adjacent to one another.

    1492. It is recommended for the followers to stand up for prayer after قد قامت الصلاة (qad qÁmatiÒ ÒalÁt) has been proclaimed.

    1493. It is recommended that the imam take the state of the followers who are weaker than others into consideration during prayer. He should not lengthen his qunÙt, rukÙ and sujÙd, unless he is certain that all those who have joined the congregation are inclined towards it.

    1494. It is recommended that the imam recite sÙrat al-FÁtiÎah, the second sÙrah and the dhikr which he recites aloud, in a manner that his voice can be heard by others. However, he should not raise his voice in an extremely loud manner.

    1495. If during rukÙ, the imam realizes that somebody has just arrived, and wishes to join the congregational prayer, it is recommended that he prolong his rukÙ two times the usual length and then raise his head, even if he realizes that another person has also arrived to join the congregation.

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