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    707. Four acts are obligatory in the tayammum that is performed in lieu of ghusl or wuÃÙ:
    1. Intention
    2. Striking both the palms on something on which tayammum is valid. Obligatory precaution dictates that both the palms be struck at the same time.
    3. Wiping both the palms on the entire forehead and its sides, starting from where the hair grows down to the eyebrows and the area above the nose. The obligatory precaution is that the hands be wiped over the eyebrows as well.
    4. Wiping the left palm over the entire back of the right hand, and then wiping the right palm over the entire back of the left hand.

    708. The recommended precaution is that the tayammum, be it in lieu of wuÃÙ or ghusl, be performed in the following manner: one should strike his hands once on the earth and wipe over his forehead and the back of his hands, and strike once again on the earth and wipe the back of his hands.

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