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    770. There are numerous recommended prayers and they are referred to as nÁfilah prayers. Amongst the nÁfilah prayers, the daily nÁfilah have been emphatically recommended. On a day other than Friday, they consist of thirty four rak‘ah, divided in the following manner:

    Zuhr eight rak‘ah
    ‘AÒr eight rak‘ah
    Maghrib four rak‘ah
    ‘IshÁ two rak‘ah
    Night prayer eleven rak‘ah
    Fajr two rak‘ah
    Since the nÁfilah of ‘ishÁ, based on obligatory precaution, should be prayed in a sitting position, it is only counted as one rak‘ah.
    On Fridays, four rak‘ah are added to the sixteen rak‘ah of the nÁfilah of Ûuhr and ‘aÒr prayers. Based on the opinion of a great number of renowned scholars, it is better that six rak‘ah of these should be prayed when the sun is clearly visible above the horizon, and six rak‘ah when the sun has risen considerably above the horizon. Another six rak‘ah should be prayed before the sun passes the zenith, and two more after it passes the zenith.

    531. If a baby is born after the death of its mother, and comes in contact with its mother’s body after it has gone cold, it will be obligatory on him (or her) to perform the ghusl for touching a dead body after he becomes bÁligh.

    772. It is permissible to perform nÁfilah prayers while sitting, however it is better to calculate two rak‘ah prayed in a sitting position as one rak‘ah. For example, one who wishes to perform the nÁfilah of Ûuhr [which are eight rak‘ah] sitting down, should pray sixteen rak‘ah. If he wishes to perform the witr prayer sitting down, he should pray two separate prayers, one rak‘ah each.

    773. One should not perform the nÁfilah prayers of Ûuhr and ‘aÒr whilst travelling. There is no problem however, in reciting the nÁfilah of ‘ishÁ with the intention of rajÁÞ.

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