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    1167. It is forbidden to voluntarily break an obligatory prayer. However, there is no harm in doing so in order to protect one’s property, or to avert financial losses or bodily harm.

    1168. If a person is unable to protect his own life, or the life of another, the protection of whose life is obligatory on him, or to protect a property, the guarding of which is obligatory on him, without breaking his prayer, it will be obligatory on him to break it.

    1169. If there is ample time remaining for prayer and a creditor seeks that which is owed to him while a person is engaged in prayer, he should repay his debt whilst praying, if possible. However if it is not possible to repay him without breaking the prayer, he should break his prayer, repay his debt and then pray.

    1170. If a person realizes during prayer that the mosque is najis, he should complete his prayer if the time remaining is nominal. If there is ample time remaining and he is able to make it ÔÁhir without breaking his prayer, he should make the area ÔÁhir and then complete his prayer. In the event that it breaks the form of his prayer, it is not permissible for him to break his prayer if it is possible to make it ÔÁhir after completing his prayer. However, if the najÁsah remaining there is a violation of its sanctity, he should break his prayer and make the mosque ÔÁhir and then offer his prayers. It is similarly necessary to break one’s prayer if it would become impossible to make the mosque ÔÁhir after completing the prayer.

    1171. If a person who must break his prayer, continues and completes it, his prayer will be valid, though he would have sinned. Recommended precaution however dictates that he should repeat his prayer.

    1172. If a person forgets to proclaim the adhÁn or iqÁmah, and recollects prior to entering rukÙ, while there is ample time remaining for prayer, it is recommended for him to break his prayer to proclaim them. It is similarly recommended for one to break his prayer for iqÁmah, if he recollects before qirÁÞah.

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