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    The Sale and Purchase of Fruits
    2127. The sale of a fruit that has shed its flower and developed into a seed is valid, even before it is plucked. Similarly, there is no problem in the sale of unripe grapes whilst they are still on the vine. However, dates should not be sold before they turn red or yellow.

    2128. The sale of one year’s worth of fruits, before it becomes apparent, is not permissible without a supplement. However, the sale of two years’ worth of fruits, and similarly the sale of one year’s worth of fruits with a supplement, is permissible.
    Once the fruit becomes apparent (on the trees), but before it sheds its flower and forms into a seed, the recommended precaution is that a produce of the earth, such as vegetables, or any other property, should be sold along with it, or that more than one year’s worth of fruits should be sold to the buyer.

    2129. There is no problem in the sale of dates which have turned red or yellow while they are still on the tree. However, it is not permissible to exchange them for the dates of the same tree. Similarly, precaution dictates that it should not be exchanged for the dates of another tree either, be they specifically defined or abstractly.
    However, if someone owns a date-palm in the house of another person, then in the event that he estimates its quantity, and sells it to the owner of the house in return for dates, there will be no objection to it.

    2130. It is permissible to sell cucumbers, egg-plants, and vegetables that are picked several times in a year, as long as they have become apparent and are visible, and as long as they specify the number of times the buyer will pick them in a year.

    2131. If wheat or barley ears are sold after they form grains, for something other than wheat or barley, there is no problem in it. However, selling it for wheat or barley that is derived from the very same ear is not permissible. Obligatory precaution dictates that the same should apply to wheat or barley that is derived from another ear, be it specifically or abstractly defined.

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