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    671. If a person cannot procure water due to his own incapacity, or fear of thieves, animals or similar beings, or does not have the equipment for drawing water from a well, he should perform tayammum. The same will apply if procuring the water or using it entails such a degree of hardship that it is not bearable by a person.

    672. If a person needs to buy or rent the equipment for drawing water from a well, such as a bucket and a rope, he should procure the equipment even if it be at an exorbitant price. The same will apply if water is sold at an exorbitant price. However, if procuring them requires so much money that should he pay for it, it would entail hardship and difficulty for him, he does not have to do so.

    673. If a person is forced to take a loan to procure water, he should do so. However, a person who is certain or attains satisfaction that he will not be able to pay off his loan, is not permitted to take a loan.

    674. If digging a well does not entail hardship, one should dig a well to procure water.

    675. If someone grants an amount of water to a person without counting it as a favor to him (and reminding him of it), he should accept it.

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