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    89. The dead body of a human being is najis. Similarly, the carcass of animals that have gushing blood is najis, irrespective of whether it dies a natural death, or is killed in a manner other than that prescribed by Islam. As the blood of a fish does not gush forth, its carcass is ÔÁhir, even if it dies in water.

    90. The parts of a dead animal which do not contain life, such as wool, hair, and soft wool, are ÔÁhir provided it is not an essentially najis animal.

    91. If flesh, or any other part which contains life, is severed from the body of a living human being, or a living animal that has gushing blood, it will be najis.

    92. Small pieces of skin which peel off from the lips, or other parts of the body, are ÔÁhir.

    93. An egg which is expelled from a dead hen is ÔÁhir if a hard shell has formed around it. However, its shell should be washed with water because it was in contact with a dead body. As for an egg which does not contain a hard shell, considering it as najis is problematic.

    94. If a lamb or a kid dies before it is able to graze, the rennet found in its stomach is ÔÁhir. Based on obligatory precaution, its exterior surface should be washed with water.

    95. Liquid medicines, perfumes, ghee, soap and wax polish, which are imported from non-Muslim countries, are ÔÁhir if one is not certain of their being najis.

    96. The meat, fat or hide of an animal which has been obtained from a Muslim market, is ÔÁhir. Similarly, it is ÔÁhir if it is in the possession of a Muslim who deals with it in a manner that one would deal with an animal that is slaughtered according to Islamic law. It is not ÔÁhir if the Muslim has obtained it from a non-Muslim, and has not investigated whether it was acquired from an animal that was killed according to Islamic law.

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