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    1592. Intercourse renders a fast invalid, even if penetration be only to the point of circumcision, and even if it is not accompanied with ejaculation. As for intercourse with someone other than a woman, wherein ejaculation does not occur, this ruling is based on precaution.

    1593. If the penetration does not reach the point of circumcision, and ejaculation does not occur either, the fast will not be invalidated.

    1594. If a person engages in intercourse intentionally, and has the intention of penetrating past the point of circumcision, but later doubts whether he penetrated to the point of circumcision or not, his fast will nonetheless be invalid and he will have to fast its qaÃÁ. Obligatory precaution dictates that the person should avoid the acts which invalidate his fast for the rest of the day. However, paying the kaffÁrah is not obligatory on him.

    1595. If a person forgets that he is fasting, and engages in intercourse, or is forced to have intercourse, his fast is not invalidated. However, if he remembers in the midst of intercourse, or regains his volition thereat, he should immediately come out of the state of intercourse. Should he fail to do so, his fast will be invalidated.

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