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    2588. In a revocable divorce, a man may return to his wife in two ways:
    a. He utters a statement by which he intends to re-establish a spousal relationship with her, and it should not merely be a declaration of re-establishing the spousal relationship.
    b. He performs an action with the intention of re-establishing a spousal relationship, by which it is understood that he wishes to do so, such as touching or kissing her. A return is also established through consummation even if he does not have the intention of returning to her.

    2589. It is not necessary for a person to have a witness for his return, however it is better to do so. He also does not have to inform the wife; rather, even if he returns to her without anyone’s knowledge, his return will be valid. If he claims that he has returned to her, and she is still within the ‘iddah period (when he makes the claim), he does not have to substantiate his claim. However, if he claims it after the ‘iddah has culminated, he will have to substantiate it.

    2590. If a person who has granted his wife a revocable divorce, takes some property from her and reaches a compromise with her that he would not return to her, it is obligatory upon him to act according to the terms of the compromise. However, if he does return to her nonetheless, his return will be valid.

    2591. If a person divorces a free-woman twice, and returns to her after each divorce, or divorces her twice and after each divorce marries her again, or returns to her after one divorce and marries her after the other, then that woman becomes unlawful for him after the third divorce.
    However, if she marries another person after the third divorce, she becomes lawful for the first husband (to marry) given certain conditions:
    1. The marriage to the second husband is a permanent marriage. However if it is a time specific marriage, such as one month or one year, then the first husband will not be able to marry her after she separates from the latter.
    2. The second husband engages in vaginal intercourse with her in a manner that both of them take pleasure from the act.
    3. The second husband divorces her or he passes away.
    4. The ‘iddah of divorce or the ‘iddah of a widow with respect to the second husband should come to an end.
    5. Based on obligatory precaution, the second husband should be b¡ligh.

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