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    1846. If Muslims wage a war against the disbelievers with permission from the Imam (Peace be upon him), and they acquire some things (belonging to the enemy), this property is referred to as the spoils of war (the booty or ghanimah). As to movable items, after seperating the expenses incurred for the protection and transportation of them, the amount the Imam spends according to his discretion, and the things from it that exclusively belong to the Imam (Peace be upon him), khums should be paid on the remaining property. If the Muslims fight a war without the permission of the Imam(Peace be upon him) while he is present, and acquire spoils of war, the entire spoils shall thereof be the property of the Imam. However, if the Imam(Peace be upon him) is in occultation, the precaution is that they pay its khums after deducting the expenses

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