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    2485. It is valid to marry a woman in a temporary marriage, even if it is not for the purpose of acquiring pleasure.

    2486. The obligatory precaution is that a husband should not avoid intercourse for more than four months with his temporary wife, unless she consents to it.

    2487. If a woman who is involved in a temporary marriage stipulates in the marriage contract that her husband should not have intercourse with her, the contract and the condition will both be valid. In this case, the husband will only be permitted to acquire other forms of pleasure from her. However, if she later consents to having intercourse, her husband may have intercourse with her.

    2488. A temporary wife does not reserve the right to claim spousal support for her expenses, even if she becomes pregnant, unless she stipulates it within the marriage contract or any other binding contract. The same will apply if she stipulates it within a non-binding contract, for as long as it is valid.

    2489. A temporary wife is not entitled to share the conjugal bed of her husband, nor does she inherit from her husband, nor does he inherit from her, unless inheritance is stipulated. In this case, whoever stipulates the condition inherits from the other partner.

    2490. A woman who has been contracted in a temporary marriage is not entitled to the conjugal bed of her husband, nor any financial support, even if she was not aware of this precept. Her ignorance of the precept does not grant her a right over her husband.

    2491. A woman with whom temporary marriage is contracted may leave the house without the permission of her husband. However, if the act of leaving the house violates a right of her husband, it is forbidden for her to leave the house.

    2492. If a woman deputizes a man to marry her to himself for a specified time and a specified amount, and the man marries her to himself in a permanent marriage, or marries her for a period or an amount that is other than the specified one then, upon realizing this, if the woman consents to it, the marriage contract will be valid, and if she does not, it will be void.

    2493. If a father or a paternal grandfather marries his son, who is able to derive sexual pleasure, to a woman for a short period of time, such as one hour, for the purpose of making her ma¦ram to himself, the marriage contract will be valid. The father or the paternal grandfather—by taking the son’s best interests into account—may then gift that period to the woman. They may also marry a non-b¡ligh daughter, from whom one is able to derive sexual pleasure, to an individual for the aforementioned period, with the purpose of making him ma¦ram. In both cases, the validity of the marriage contract is contingent on there being no harm or detriment for the minor.

    2494. If the father or paternal grandfather of a child, who resides in a different place, and it is not known whether she is alive or not, marries her to a boy, then if it is possible to derive sexual pleasure from during the marriage period, the girl will apparently become ma¦ram. However, if it is later realized that the daughter was in fact dead at the time of the marriage contract, the contract itself will be void and the persons who had apparently become ma¦ram to each other will become non-ma¦ram (to each other).

    2495. If a man gifts the period of the temporary marriage to his wife, then in the event that he had engaged in intercourse with her, he will have to give all of what he had agreed to give her. However, if he did not have intercourse with her, he will have to give half of it. The recommend precaution in this case is that he gives all of it.

    2496. If a man had contracted a temporary marriage with a woman, and the period of their marriage had come to an end, or he had gifted the remaining period to her, but her ‘iddah period has not yet ended, he may contract a permanent or temporary marriage with her.

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