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    112. Intoxicating wine and date wine are najis. Other than these two liquids, the recommended precaution is to avoid the najÁsah of all other liquid intoxicants, with the exception of fuqqÁ‘, the rules of which will be elaborated later. If the substance is not originally in liquid form, such as marijuana and some narcotics, it will be ÔÁhir even if it is liquefied.

    113. All kinds of industrial alcohol which are used to paint doors, windows, tables, chairs and other items, are ÔÁhir.

    114. If grapes or grape juice comes to a boil on account of being cooked, it is ÔÁhir, though consuming it is forbidden. However, if it comes to a boil on account of a process other than cooking, consuming it is forbidden, and based on obligatory precaution, it is also najis.

    115. If dates, currants, raisins, or their juices come to a boil, they are ÔÁhir and it is permissible to consume them.

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