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    25. QalÐl water is water which does not spring forth from the earth and its quantity is less than kurr.

    26. If QalÐl water is poured on something which is najis, or if a najis object contacts it, it becomes najis. However if it is delivered with pressure on a najis object, only that part which contacts it will be najis, and the water which has not contacted the najis object will be ÔÁhir.

    27. QalÐl water which is poured over a najis object to remove the ayn al-najÁsah and then separates from it, is najis. Similarly, the qalÐl water which is poured over a najis object to wash it after the ayn al-najÁsah has been removed, should also be avoided as an obligatory precaution.

    28. The water which has been used to wash the outlet of urine or stool does not make najis a ÔÁhir object which comes in contact with it, subject to the following five conditions:
    a. Its smell, colour or taste has not changed owing to najÁsah;
    b. Additional external najÁsah has not come in contact with it;
    c. Any other najÁsah like blood has not been released with the urine or stool;
    d. Based on precaution, particles of stool do not appear in the water;
    e. More than the usual amount of najÁsah has not spread around the orifice.

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