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    199. If wine turns into vinegar by itself or by pouring something into it, like salt and vinegar, it becomes ÔÁhir.

    200. If wine that is fermented from najis grapes or any other organic compound, turns into vinegar in the same vessel, it does not become ÔÁhir. If the wine is poured into another vessel which is ÔÁhir, and it turns into vinegar, based on obligatory precaution it will not be ÔÁhir. The same will apply if an external najÁsah falls into the wine and gets disintegrated in it.

    201. Vinegar which is obtained from najis grapes, raisins or dates is also najis.

    202. If one wishes to make vinegar from grapes or dates, there will be no harm if the tiny date or grape stems are attached to the dates or grapes. In fact, there is no harm in adding cucumbers, eggplants and similar fruits to it, even if it be prior to adding the vinegar, unless one knows it has transformed into an intoxicant prior to becoming vinegar.

    203. Consuming grape juice which is brought to a boil by placing it over a fire, is forbidden. However, if it is allowed to boil for so long that two-thirds of it evaporates, leaving one-third to remain, it becomes permissible (to consume it). It was also elaborated in article 114 that grape juice does not become najis if it comes to a boil over a fire. However, if it comes to a boil through a process other than this, it is forbidden (to consume it) and based on obligatory precaution it is also najis. The obligatory precaution is that it does not become permissible or ÔÁhir unless it turns into vinegar.

    204. If two-thirds of a quantity of grape juice gets reduced without being brought to a boil, the remaining amount will become najis if it comes to a boil.

    205. If it is not known whether a quantity of grape juice has come to a boil or not, it will be lawful. However, if it does come to a boil, it does not become lawful until one is certain that two-thirds of it has been reduced.

    206. If some grapes are attached to a bunch of unripe grapes, and the juice that is extracted from them is brought to a boil, it will be permissible to consume it as long as it is not considered grape juice prior to boiling.

    207. If a grape berry falls into something that is boiling over a fire, and the grape itself starts to boil, but does not disintegrate, it will only be forbidden to consume the grape.

    208. If (grape) syrup is being cooked in several pots, it is permissible to stir the syrup which has not yet boiled with a skimmer that has been used to stir a syrup which has already come to a boil.

    209. If it is not known whether a particular grape is ripe or not, it will be permissible to consume it if it comes to a boil.

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