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    210. If human blood or the blood of an animal who has gushing blood—meaning that its blood gushes out when its vein is slit—is transfused into the body of an animal that does not have gushing blood, and is considered to be that animal’s blood, it becomes ÔÁhir. Such a transfusion is called intiqÁl.
    Similarly, the rest of the najÁsÁt will have the ruling of the parts of the animal that they have been transferred to, if they become a part of that animal’s body. If they don’t become a part of it, and the animal’s body only acts like a carrier for the najÁsah, it will remain najis. It is due to this that the human blood sucked by a blood-sucking leech is najis, for it is not considered to be the blood of the leech, rather it is still considered as human blood.

    211. If a person kills a mosquito that is sitting on his body, and does not know if the blood that spurted from the mosquito was sucked from him or belongs to the mosquito itself, the blood will be considered ÔÁhir. The same will apply if he knows that it was sucked from him, but now forms a part of the mosquito’s body. However, if the period between sucking the blood and killing the mosquito is so short, that it is considered to be the blood of a human being, or if it is not known whether it is considered to be the blood of the mosquito or the human being, the blood will be najis.

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