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    226. The urine and dung of an animal which is habituated to consuming human excrement, is najis, and it can be made ÔÁhir by subjecting the animal to the process of IstibrÁ‘. This means that it should not be allowed to consume najÁsah for a period of time, and based on obligatory precaution, ÔÁhir food should be given to it, such that it would not be considered as an animal that consumes najÁsah after that period.
    Based on obligatory precaution, the above process should be carried out for the following number of days for each animal:
    a. Forty days for a camel
    b. Twenty days for a cow
    c. Ten days for a sheep
    d. Five days for a water-fowl
    e. Three days for a domestic hen
    If the animal is still considered to be one that consumes najÁsah after this period, one should act upon the above instructions for a period of time after which the animal would not be considered to be consuming najÁsah anymore.

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