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    267. WuÃÙ al-irtimÁsÐ or wuÃÙ by immersion is the act of immersing one’s face and hands in water with the intention of performing wuÃÙ. However, wiping (the head or feet) with the wetness leftover on the immersed hands, is problematic. Therefore, if a person wishes to wash his left hand by immersion, he should avoid immersing the area between the wrists and the fingertips; instead he should wash that area with his right hand.
    Based on obligatory precaution, wuÃÙ by immersion cannot be realized by withdrawing a part that is already in the water.

    268. When performing wuÃÙ by immersion, the hands should be washed starting from above and going downwards. Hence, if a person makes the intention of performing wuÃÙ as he immerses his hands in water, he should ensure that they are immersed starting from the elbows. Similarly, based on obligatory precaution, he should immerse his head starting from his forehead.

    269. There is no harm if some of the parts are washed by immersion, and the others are not washed by immersion.

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