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    329. The following seven things invalidate wuÃÙ:
    First and second: urinating and defecating from the natural orifices, or an artificial orifice if it is the regular outlet. In fact, based on obligatory precaution, it will invalidate wuÃÙ even if the artificial orifice is not the regular outlet.
    A fluid which resembles urine and is discharged before istibrÁ‘ is performed, will be subject to the rulings of urine.
    Third: Intestinal gas which is released from the anal orifice, or an artificial orifice based on the details that were elaborated for defecation, regardless of whether a significant amount of gas is released or not.
    Fourth: Sleeping, and it occurs when the ears cease to hear.
    Fifth: Things which divest a person of his ability to intellect, such as insanity, intoxication and unconsciousness.
    Sixth: IstiÎÁÃah for women, which will be elaborated later.
    Seventh: JanÁbah.

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