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    361. The following five acts are forbidden on one who is in the state of janÁbah:
    One: Causing any part of one’s body to touch the script of the Qur’an, or the Blessed Name of Allah, be it written in any language, and the rest of His Most Beautiful Names. Based on recommended precaution, he should not touch the names of the prophets, imams and lady FÁÔimah (Peace be upon them all).
    Two: Entering Masjid al-ÍarÁm and Masjid al-NabÐ, even if it be entering from one door and exiting from another.
    Three: Staying or halting in any other mosque. However, there is no problem in entering from one door and exiting from another. Similarly, staying in the shrine of the Imams is also forbidden. In fact, the obligatory precaution is that one should refrain from visiting the shrine of the Imams, even if it be entering from one door and exiting from another.
    Four: Placing an item in the mosque. Similarly, based on obligatory precaution it is forbidden to enter a mosque for the purpose of taking something from it.
    Five: Reciting any one of the four verses for which sujÙd is obligatory. These verses are located in the following sÙrahs: Alif-LÁm-MÐm Sajdah (sÙrah 32), ÍÁ-MÐm Sajdah (sÙrah 41), Al-Najm (sÙrah 53), and IqrÁ (sÙrah 96).
    Based on obligatory precaution, he should refrain from reciting the other verses of these sÙrahs as well. In fact, he should refrain from reciting Bismi Allah al-RaÎmÁn al-RaÎÐm, or a part of it, with the intention of reciting it as a part of these sÙrahs.

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