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    362. It is makrÙh for a person who is in the state of janÁbah to perform any of the following nine acts:
    One and Two: Eating and drinking. It is not makrÙh if he performs wuÃÙ or washes his hands.
    Three: Reciting more than seven verses from the sÙrahs which do not contain the verses for which a sajdah is obligatory.
    Four: Causing a part of his body to touch the cover of the Qur’an, its margins or borders, or the space between its scripts.
    Five: Carrying the Qur’an with himself.
    Six: Sleeping. It is not makrÙh if he performs wuÃÙ, or performs tayammum instead of ghusl on account of not having water.
    Seven: Dying his hair or body with henna or a similar dye.
    Eight: Applying oil on his body.
    Nine: Engaging in sexual intercourse after a nocturnal emission .

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