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    363. The ghusl of janÁbah is a recommended act with respect to itself. It becomes obligatory for performing the obligatory acts for which ÔahÁrah is stipulated. It is not obligatory though, for the prayer for the dead, sajdah al-shukr (sajdah of gratitude), sajdah al-sahw—except the sajdah al-sahw which is performed for a tashahhud which was forgotten during prayers—and obligatory sajdahs of the Qur’an.

    364. It is not necessary to specify whether one is performing an obligatory ghusl or a recommended one while performing ghusl; rather, if one performs ghusl with the intention of drawing closer to Allah—as was specified in the section on wuÃÙ—and with a sincere intention, it will suffice.

    365. If a person is certain that the time of prayer has set in, or obtains a proof authorized by the sharia to the same effect, and intends to perform an obligatory ghusl, but does not stipulate the intention of obligation, his ghusl will be valid, when he later finds out that he performed the ghusl prior to the time of prayer.

    366. A ghusl be it an obligatory one or a recommended one, can be performed in two ways: sequentially or by immersion.

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