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    741. The obligatory precaution is that the maghrib prayer should be delayed from the setting of the sun until the redness in the eastern sky—which usually appears after the setting of the sun—has passed overhead.

    742. The time for maghrib and ‘ishÁ prayers for a person who is not constrained, is until midnight. However for the one constrained due to forgetfulness, sleep, Îayà or other reasons, the time is extended until the true fajr (also known as the second fajr) sets in. Since ‘ishÁ prayers must be prayed after maghrib prayers in the case one is mindful of it, if he intentionally prays it before maghrib, his prayer is invalid, except when the time left is only sufficient for ‘ishÁ, in which case it is necessary to pray ‘ishÁ before maghrib.

    743. If a person mistakenly prays ‘ishÁ before maghrib, and realizes after completing his prayer, it is valid. He must then offer the maghrib prayer.

    744. If a person forgetfully prays ‘ishÁ before maghrib, and realizes his mistake whilst he is praying, he should change his intention to maghrib prayer, complete the prayer and then offer his ‘ishÁ prayer, unless he has reached the rukÙ‘ of the fourth rak‘ah. In this case he must stop praying, pray maghrib afresh and then ‘ishÁ.

    745. The time for ‘ishÁ prayers for a person who is not constrained, ends at midnight. Based on obligatory precaution, night must be calculated from sunset up until the adhÁn of fajr, and not sunrise.

    746. If a person deliberately does not pray maghrib and ‘ishÁ until midnight, the precaution is that he should pray them prior to the adhÁn of fajr, without making the intention of qaÃÁ or adÁ .

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